street hamster

not so good image but it will ghange in time
any way nice drawing sesion on sunday down in the center of enschede holland
nice people nice crowd nice rolling nice sun nice love nice air
just nice licke you


the 7 day

easter peace

Anca in the kitchen

van gogh hamster + me

hello george goodbye

the day george left us the day he went back there back in the country back in black back in ro
but it was a smoky nice day this day
ps happy birthday george

bear hunt

back in brasov where i was born from time to time i go in Racadau neighbourhood and watch the bear eating from the trash
but dose manly enough hunt bears

meditation rock

eye of the beholder

information ....... the nation



a creature from the 6th dimension escaped from section 9

The new beat

angel up in the sky

lust and angel dust around

un gay pork

the passage

a sead of light


we are persistent

where you end i begin

we we wua wua uptop

go let it out

grey hamster


me superhero

it is nice to be a super hero
from time to time

shodows under the sun

we see energy


the stars the gods and us

underwatter story

minus 2 grams celsius

sheewa town

you have the brain town try to suck it out with the new sheewa models shaman just for as low as 7 EU


deep red and black


a classical way to make your tongue look bigger

strange world